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  • Blessing Bead - GM Buff has been added
    As long as it is active on your character, the blessing bead grants the gm buff (level 3) upon relog.
  • Warrior's Battlemode 2 has been boosted
  • Lamp of Dazzlement (Lv. 1-4) have been removed
  • The Cat Stone from FT1 will automatically be removed from the inventory upon relog and no longer cause issues
  • BSLv UP Quests 8-9 got their kill count requirements reduced
  • Some general bug fixes

Level UP - Lottery

Coin Lottery


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Version:Episode 8
Base Drop Rate:100%
Total Accounts1,471
Total Characters1,836
Total Guilds105
Online Users39

Server Statistics (Live Updates)

Solo Runsx35,578
Party Runsx1,715
Total Resetsx32,490
Total eCoins~9,896K
Webshop Purchasesx9,368
Core Enhancer (High)x1,867

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