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Only the first to complete a task will be listed and rewarded.

You can not claim the reward for both nations within the same account.

Once you meet the requirements for a task, you have to do a character reset in order for it to register.

Task Reward Capella Procyon
Character Reset x1,000 eCoin Voucher (50,000) Gabriell IceHeartz
Character Reset x2,500 Force Potion (Special) x50 Gabriell JinMori
Character Reset x5,000 eCoin Voucher (150,000) Gabriell NOBODY
Used eCoins (InGame) x50,000 eCoin Voucher (50,000) KIDDO HavieR
Used eCoins (InGame) x250,000 Force Potion (Special) x50 Magnes92 HavieR
Used eCoins (InGame) x500,000 eCoin Voucher (150,000) Magnes92 Repulsive
Honor Points Reached 20,000,000 eCoin Voucher (50,000) BlackFiire Lacaxoto
Honor Points Reached 100,000,000 Force Potion (Special) x50 Gabriell Shiro
Honor Points Reached 500,000,000 eCoin Voucher (150,000) CryX NOBODY

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