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All sets (including weapons) have been revamped with new stats

Each item that can be upgraded now has a much better stat scaling according to it's grade

We now have 6 different upgrade levels instead of 4 (Lowest, Low, Medium, High, Highest, Blessed)

New upgrade materials for the upgrades have been added accordingly

Channel 3 is now being worked on to provide more content, including the next set as well as various other new items and rewards

We are also happy to be the first to introduce different tiers of pets granting even stronger stats

  • The votes now grant 600 eCoins each instead of the previous 400
  • The character reset limit has been increased from 100 to 500
  • The reset requirements are listed on the reset page
  • Once reaching 100 resets, you can get 400 reset tokens per character (account wide) without level-resets
  • Alz-cost has been added to character resets
  • Additional resets with different requirements will follow once enough active players have reached the current limit

Treasure Madness - Eternia's Treasure Chamber

This recently added dungeon grants a ton of valuable rewards, from upgrade materials to the newly added Belt of Fighter/Sage


Drop Table Adjustments

Several drops have been adjusted to your favour


New NPC in Bloody Ice, near the Chaos Arena Warp

Several new items have been added

New Pets have been added to the webshop



-Trial Dungeons [Time Skips leading you to higher episode dungeons, such as Garden of Dust, Labyrinth & More]

  • Blessing Bead - GM Buff has been added
    As long as it is active on your character, the blessing bead grants the gm buff (level 3) upon relog.
  • Warrior's Battlemode 2 has been boosted
  • Lamp of Dazzlement (Lv. 1-4) have been removed
  • The Cat Stone from FT1 will automatically be removed from the inventory upon relog and no longer cause issues
  • BSLv UP Quests 8-9 got their kill count requirements reduced
  • Some general bug fixes
  • Battlemode 2 has been boosted for FA, FS, BL (WA coming with the next server restart at 12:00 AM)
  • Defensive & offensive stats have been revamped for all classes
  • Dungeon rewards have been added, running the same dungeon X amounts of times grants rewards (details on our DISCORD)

Level UP - Lottery

Coin Lottery


Server Info

Version:Episode 8
Base Drop Rate:100%
Total Accounts1,789
Total Characters2,075
Total Guilds128
Online Users43

Server Statistics (Live Updates)

Solo Runsx40,538
Party Runsx1,780
Total Resetsx43,212
Total eCoins~10,695K
Webshop Purchasesx9,842
Core Enhancer (High)x1,991

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