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An update has been applied!

Please refer to: for details!

We now have an auction system on our website connected with thre re:born currencies.

For details please read:

Level UP now has a forum for properly organized posts about all sorts of things.

The forum will also be the place to go when looking for new gift codes,
as we will sometimes post new gift codes there.

Don't miss the free resources, gift codes shared in the forum will be available only for a short time!


Due to the size of the update, we have released a new client throughout the last night which is a requirement to play from this point on.

Please make sure to download the client and to remove the old one, as lots of new things await you after!

We recommend joining our discord as you might find yourself some gift codes from the game that you have not discovered just yet.

For patch notes, please check our discord server's patch-note channel!

Dear members,

we have now implemented the mshield anti cheat software to help fighting annoying cheaters as well as providing auto retarget for those who would like to make use of it.
Please download the manual patch from our downloads page to retrieve the patch and extract it into your client, if you do not see a manual patch on the list that means we have merged it with the client already.